Monday, 21 September 2015

Puffin Cafe, Cultural Detour Part 3

This is an interesting detour in the sense it only really works one way - you have to be going west on that old gravel road called the A55. Well, you could go east, turn around and come back again - it would be worth it - that would be a proper detour.
The cafe is called Puffin Cafe. They have a big US style sign outside  - the day I visit the skies are dark and atmospheric, it's the end of summer, the begining of autumn  - it's lunch time and I need something warm.

Puffin Cafe is part of the Glasfryn empire, it's new, squeaky clean, diner style and a good find - as I say it's worth the detour if heading east.
The vegetarian offer I go for is 'Roast Pepper and Mushroom Burger' which comes with side salad, plenty of chips and a lovely bowl of relish. Being gluten free, I ditch the top bit of the bap but allow myself a treat and eat the bottom half of the white bread bap (I felt no worse).

On these cold dark afternoons this was just what was required - a sgram, but not too much. Big juicy mushrooms sitting on a bed of green roasted peppers. Very good - and a great vegetarian option.

This is a cafe with a view - over the A55, over Lavan Sands and over to Ynys Seiriol / Puffin Island / Priestholm - with it's B&W lighthouse just off shore.

Detour - don't drive by. This is a good find. Shop great too ........

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