Monday, 7 September 2015

Andy and Adam's Food, Corris, Cultural Detour Part 2

Corris, en-route between Dolgellau and Machynlleth could be considered a convenient toilet stop. It is much more of course, with a history of slate quarrying and the Corris Railway but it does have a Public Convenience which is convenient. It was much used in our rock'n roll days with Anhrefn travelling back from gigs in Aberystwyth at some un-Godly hour (usually around 3am). However there is no tap at the PC which is a a bit 'old skool'.

At a more reasonable hour (mid-morning) and en-route to do a workshop at Ysgol Bro Hyddgen I pulled in to Corris, more for a quick look around than anything, and came across this little gem - 'Andy and Adam's Food' in what would have been the old Idris Stores.

This is a cafe, come village shop, with some books on Snowdonia and a few gifts. 'Panad' I thought to myself and ordered a mug of tea (with separate jug of milk) and a brownie (energy in preperation for those workshops with Machynlleth 6th Form). We immediately struck up a conversation - they enquired about my destination / route in a way that invited or opened up the conversation and this in return gave me the opportunity to find out more about the recently opened cafe.

For sure this brings a bit of cultural life back in to the heart of Corris. A couple of ladies were chatting over coffee. A few others came in for milk. We are close to the  Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT)  here and the vibes were definitely more alternative incomers than local farmers in Corris village centre that morning. However Andy and Adams is definitely more a 'boutique' than any 'alternative/hippy' cafe - it has an air of clean, fresh, colour, welcome about it - almost old fashioned village shop but not that either - no old lady serving, no musty-ness or bells ringing as you enter.

A great stop for a quick panad. Get's you in to Corris for a detour.

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