Saturday, 29 August 2015

Harley's Vintage, Llangollen. Cultural Detour Part 1.

Note: I actually visited back in August but on reflection
feel that it's worth posting a short blog.

'Vintage' and 'boutique' certainly seems to be in vogue in Wales at the moment and on a recent visit to Llangollen  I 'stumbled' in a psycho-geographical sense upon this little gem of a shop. Llangollen certainly suits a psycho-geographical wander. It's the kind of place you can explore, there are some great antique shops along the side streets from the Hand Hotel. The River Dee is stunning. The bridge one of the Seven Wonders of Wales. Dinas Bran if you get up there - a castle of Welsh build.

Harley's Vintage is just down by the bridge near the Corn Exchange.

In the back of my mind I was actually thinking "I might just find a jacket" and so wandered into Harley's. First impression - what a lovely welcoming shop. In we go. The Welsh word is "sbrotian", you just have a look-see. It's only a small shop so you get a feel for what's what pretty quickly and I just checked out the jackets.

The staff (mother and daughter, Welsh speaking) engaged easily, in fact they charmed and put me at ease. The Harris Tweed jacket was a perfect fit. They said I "looked like Richard Gere in it". Not sure about that, but it did make me laugh, actually what a great line. Funny. Usable on social media even if we all know its not true. I guess the point is that sometimes you do need a 2nd opinion on things and the ladies (of Llangollen) did a great job in this respect. Happy customer.


Once I put comments up on Facebook it was obvious that a lot of folk who commented were already aware of Harley's.

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