Sunday, 27 November 2011

Llanedwen Church in search of Henry Rowlands

Bit of a "mystery". The mission was to find the grave of Henry Rowlands (1655-1723) of Mona Antiqua Restaurata fame. I'd read somewhere that there was a memorial to the West or South of the Church but had headed off without thorough research - one of those Sunday afternoon spur of the moment trips. Head over to Anglesey. Spot of tea at Plas Newydd. Bring the boys. Llanedwen is so close - let's have a quick look for Henry Rowlands.........
Anyway after a quick scan of the graveyard I did find a stone with Henry Rowlands of Plas Gwyn, Llanedwen but the dates were wrong. Mona Antiqua Rowlands died in 1723. The grave I found for Henry Rowlands record's his death as 14th April 1842 - but the address is right if you like - both of Plas Gwyn, Llanedwen.

So is the 1842 Rowlands a descendent ? There is also some mention of the original Rowlands being interred in the Church under black Angelsey marble - on the South side ? Again the information is patchy and the Church was locked. Looks like we will need another vist !

On the other hand there was no doubt of finding the Celtic Cross gravestone for the 4th and 5th Marquis of Anglesey. I was pleased that Henry Cyril Paget (The Dancing Marquis) had such a noble gravestone - although very Celtic - suprisingly not covered in jewellery. Andrew Logan would have been the designer for Henry Cyril come to think of it ........

Here's the Celtic Cross for 4th and 5th Marquis

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